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How to improve the efficiency of WEDM

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The cutting efficiency of WEDM is affected by two major factors: one is the current carrying capacity (current) of the wire, and the other is that the etchings in the cutting seam cannot be removed in time. Its conductivity consumes the pulse energy.


   in view of the two main reasons affecting the machining efficiency of WEDM, corresponding efforts should be made in the following aspects to improve the machining speed of WEDM:


  1. Increase the energy of a single pulse, i.e. pulse amplitude and peak current. In order not to overload the current carrying capacity of molybdenum wire, the pulse interval should be increased accordingly so that the average value of current will not increase too much.


  2. Maintain the dielectric coefficient and insulation strength of the working fluid, maintain a high spark explosion force and cleaning ability, and reduce the short-circuit effect of the etchant on the pulse.


  3. Improve the mechanical accuracy of wire cutting wire guide system, because the narrow seam always travels faster than the wide seam, and the straight seam always travels faster than the zigzag seam.


  4. Properly increase the wire speed to speed up the water brought into the gap by the wire, increase the amount of water, and discharge the eroded matter more effectively.


  5. Increase the envelope of water to the wire outside the gap, that is, let the water accelerate under the driving of the wire. The accelerated water has a strong cleaning effect on the gap.


  6. Improve frequency conversion tracking sensitivity and increase pulse utilization.


  7. Reduce the reversing time of the wire feeding motor, start faster, and increase the effective processing time.

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