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The inevitability of intellectualization of medium wire cutting machine tool

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2021/10/22 10:34:06 Hits:1042
The continuous improvement of modern industrial production and processing technology, especially in terms of precision, requires CNC machine tools and intelligent systems. The application scope of intelligent equipment is expanding rapidly. In addition, customers are also calculating their own costs. They are also trying to reduce their own costs, including the secondary investment cost and labor cost of equipment.

Statistics show that in China's machine tool market last year, the market demand growth rate of intelligent CNC machine tools has exceeded that of medium - and low-end machine tool products. This data sheet can be seen from the electrical processing equipment. As a unique branch of the electrical processing industry, the performance of Suzhou Baoma can explain this phenomenon. The market share of the company's intelligent electrical processing equipment is increasing year by year. In order to better serve customers, the company now has offices and branches in all major markets, implementing the method of taking user traction as the overall idea. This also indicates that the demand for machine tool products in China has changed, and has begun to turn to equipment that seeks intelligence and better services for manufacturers.


   artificial intelligence is no longer a new thing, and the future is also an intelligent era. With the development of intelligence, machine tools need to be intelligent and need to make greater efficiency in a short time. For wire EDM machine tools, more intelligent systems and controllers are needed, especially for medium speed wire cutting machines. The core of the intelligent development of wire cutting machine tools is to complete a variety of intelligent operation processes on a machine tool, So as to improve the efficiency and machining accuracy of the machine tool, and improve the flexibility of production.


   although wire cutting itself has the characteristics of simple structure, strong universality, good process effect and low consumption in the process of use, it will be very simple to use artificial intelligence. Medium wire walking has only begun in recent years. For example, Suzhou Baoma, an early domestic manufacturer, has only had nearly ten years of medium wire walking experience. Therefore, many people are not familiar with the medium wire walking process. However, the future development is considerable, and the development potential is also great. After research, it is found that almost all domestic manufacturers of high-speed wire EDM machine tools are wire walking in production and sales, but it is finally shown that not all reciprocating wire EDM machines can perform multiple cutting, or not all reciprocating wire EDM machines can achieve good process results after using multiple cutting technology. The perfect cooperation of multiple technologies is required here. Only the equipped operation software and operation platform can play the function of multiple cutting technology.


   at present, the software of medium wire cutting adopts the integrated programming and control software bmxp of medium wire cutting based on WindowsXP platform, which is a real wire cutting software developed under WindowsXP in the industry; The software runs on a high platform, and its performance is very free. Of course, these intelligent software needs to be updated and upgraded in a timely manner according to the user's requirements. As a result, many of them are only an assembly workshop and are produced by manufacturers who buy parts and assembly equipment from different places. They are only semi-finished products. Without the strength of technological innovation, they cannot carry out product R & D and upgrading, and cannot detect and control product quality. Therefore, the product performance cannot be brought into play.


   intelligent products need a lot of technical support and have high requirements for the strength of manufacturers. All these require further technological updating and development. Of course, intelligence is also a trend of zhongzou silk in the future.

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