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What are the accuracy requirements for medium speed WEDM machine tools

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Due to the large market demand for medium speed wire cutting machine tools, the quality of wire cutting machine tools in the market is also mixed. Medium thread WEDM machine tool is the next process and an important step in mold processing, so the machining accuracy should meet the requirements. Therefore, the precision of WEDM should be high, otherwise it will affect the quality of the die. When choosing a machine tool, consumers should not only understand the function of the machine tool, but also its structural advantages and disadvantages, and whether the accuracy meets the standard.

Generally speaking, it is easy to judge the accuracy of the medium speed wire cutting machine tool, because there are the national standard gb7926-87 and the relevant general standards for machine tool accuracy, so you can know whether it is qualified or not when the new machine tool is adjusted and tested. However, it is important to judge the accuracy retention of the machine tool, because the quality of the accuracy retention of the machine tool can only be reflected after the machine tool has been used for a certain period of time, and the standard can not carry out strict quantitative control, so the user can only have a deep and detailed understanding of the machine tool and its structure during model selection

The accuracy of the lead screw is very important, but if the installation structure of the lead screw is unreasonable, no matter how good the lead screw is. At present, ball screw is used in on-line cutting machine tools. It is required to use reasonable specifications for the diameter of the screw as much as possible to increase the rigidity. The second is the installation structure of the lead screw. The ball lead screw is a transmission component. Therefore, in order to give full play to its characteristics, the assembly structure of the lead screw is also required to be high. Both ends must be fixed and supported by bearings, so as to improve the motion accuracy of the machine tool workbench.

For the transmission structure of ball screw and motor, first of all, it is necessary to understand the transmission structure in detail. At present, gear transmission is still used in the market. This kind of transmission is easy to produce gear clearance, resulting in large systematic error of machine tool workbench. Therefore, it is very important to deeply understand the transmission structure of workbench movement during model selection. Today's machine tools use ball screw and motor direct drive. The gear clearance error is reduced and the machining accuracy is improved. This is very important for the accuracy of the machine tool.

The structure of the guide rail, which is the key to ensure the motion accuracy of the workbench, should be highly valued by the user when selecting the type. Now we basically use linear linear rolling guide. Observe the guide rail mounting structure directly. Ordinary CNC wire cutting machine tools are generally driven by stepper motors, and there are differences between reactive and hybrid stepping motors. Reactive stepping motors are common in the market. With the continuous improvement of market demand, now medium speed wire cutting machines should be equipped with hybrid or AC servo drive systems. Ensure stable transmission and large force. Ensure cutting accuracy.

To sum up, the worktable of medium speed WEDM machine tool must adopt full support structure to improve the rigidity of the machine tool to ensure heavy load without deformation and ensure cutting accuracy. Linear guide rail is adopted to ensure good sensitivity and motion accuracy in cutting motion. Select ball screw with reasonable diameter as far as possible, and have fixed bearing support structure at both ends; The driving screw and motor of the worktable are directly connected, which can reduce the gear clearance and ensure the cutting accuracy.

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