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How can a medium wire cutting machine get an ideal finish

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The following measures will improve the finish to some extent:

   1. Appropriately reduce the pulse width and peak current, that is, reduce the size of the corrosion pit.

   2. The guide wheel and bearing shall maintain good accuracy and smooth operation, reduce wire chattering and wire skipping, and keep the wire motion track to keep the displacement of one line to a minimum.

   3. The molybdenum wire shall maintain proper tension, and the guide wheel and the power inlet block shall be adjusted to keep the tension in the working area unchanged when the wire goes up and down.

   4. The wire should not be too tight and the water should not be too new. The new water is certainly beneficial to the cutting efficiency, but the cutting finish is not good with the new water.

   5. Add a splint on the upper and lower sides of the workpiece that is too thin, so that the reversing stripe is buffered within the splint range.

   6. Stable and accurate XY movement, good follow-up fidelity and non blocking crawling are also very important.

   7. Keep stable and loose frequency conversion tracking.

   8. Re cutting or multiple cutting with appropriate allowance, sweeping the cutting surface once when the cutting amount is very small, will have a beneficial effect on the dimensional accuracy and smoothness. Three times of continuous sweeping will basically remove the reversing stripe. As long as the repeated positioning accuracy of the machine tool is high, and the progressive multiple processing with appropriate allowance will improve the smoothness of the cutting surface by one or two orders of magnitude, the effect is similar to that of slow wire walking, and it will not take too much time, This is one of the advantages of medium wire cutting machine tools. Short wires can be used properly for thicker workpieces. The feed rate of one-time reversing is less than half of the wire diameter, which also covers the reversing stripes.

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