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Parts where abnormal noise may occur in the cutting system of medium wire cutting machine

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The abnormal sound of the cutting system of the medium wire cutting machine may appear in the following five parts:


   1. At the moment of reversing, the coupling or key should be carefully investigated, and the loose key with clearance should be replaced to restore a large area of close cooperation; The function of the buffer pad shall be restored to the coupling to ensure that the flexible buffer is effective. These parts shall not be operated for a long time, otherwise they will cause irreparable consequences.


   2. The noise of foreign matters in the screw barrel is mostly caused by small metal particles or molybdenum wire heads entering the screw barrel. As long as the dynamic balance adjustment screws in the screw barrel do not fall off, they can operate as usual. Soon, small metal particles or molybdenum wire heads will be exhausted.


   3. For abnormal noise of toothed belt or gear, check whether the toothed belt or gear has been excessively worn and replace it in time. If the meshing clearance is improper, adjust its meshing clearance in time.


   4. The excessive load from the screw barrel to the lead screw causes friction or impact sound, which will soon damage the relevant parts. The abnormal phenomenon in this part should be stopped and carefully looked up until it is eliminated.


   5. Dynamic balance of the fan blade or itself of the wire feeding motor.

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