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Company name: Suzhou baomade electromechanical Co., Ltd

Address: No. 185, Songshan Road, high tech Zone, Suzhou

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苏州宝玛德机电有限公司位于苏州市国家高新技术开发区,本公司是电加工设备专业制造企业,主要从事电加工,特种加工技术与设备的研究,开发的电火花中走丝线切割机床具 有多次切割功能,高效率,高光洁度,效果直逼慢走丝。高速穿孔机等产品远销,美国,意大利,印度,巴基斯坦,新加坡,埃及等国家。
     Suzhou Haima Numerical Control Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in SND(Suzhou), the company is a prefessional electric discharging euipment manufacturer. Yearly, Haima have been engaged in researching electric discharging maching, special machining technology and relative equipement, the market leading product-medium speed CNC wire cut EDM machine,R&D by Haima, is featured in multi-cutting funciton, high efficiency, excellent finish; it can replace most work of brass wire cut EDM in actual use.High speed small hole EDM machine is widely sold to USA,Italy,India,Frence,German and so on.
     Haima produce all size CNC wire cut EDM machine: DK7725,DK7732,DK7740,DK7750,DK7763,DK7780,DK77100, the Max. machining speed is more than 180 mm2/min, the best surface finish could be 1.0μm, these machines are widely used in mold machining industry.
公司开发的HMD703,DB703,DD703系列电火花穿孔机新颖实用,精度高,加工孔径¢0.2mm-¢3.0mm,并可根据客户要求扩展孔径范围, 主轴头二次行程采用直线导轨,快捷方便。
     HMD703,DB703 and DD703 series small hole EDM machines are know by high accuracy, reliable quality but low price, diameter of holes to make start from ¢0.2mm to¢3.0mm, moreover, Haima can enlarge range of holes according to customer’s requirement, second travel of spindle is linear guide, swift and stable.
     The company also provides various model spark erosion machine from EDM250-EDM650, unique electric impulse to keep lasting high machining efficiency; good quality, excellent. accuracy, high effiency; Guideway of Y axis is consist of V sharp and flat structure, verticality and parallelism is stable to insure accuracy.
     Latest designed graphite machining machine, Engraving machine,machining center have excellent accuracy and high rigidity.
Baomade electromechanical
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Suzhou Haima CNC Technology Co., Ltd

Address: No. 185, Songshan Road, high tech Zone, Suzhou

Sales department telephone:0512-69209678




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